Helpful Hints


Your portrait composition is taken from the photo that you send me. Remember I don’t know your pet so the more detail I can see of their eyes and fur colour  the better your portrait will be.


The best pictures are taken at the same level as your pet eye to eye. So get down low for the shot and come in close. Send me a variety of shots and I can pick the best composition with your approval. Pictures taken from above look unnatural and don’t make a nice composition.


Daylight shots are best but not in bright sun. Either outside with your back to the sun in light shade. Indoors, with lots of windows can create lovely shots try different rooms to see which give the best light conditions, keeping your back to the window. Pictures with a flash on will lose all the colour detail and eye colour.


If you are quite close to Brighton I am more than happy to come and meet your pet and take some pictures.


Take loads of pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Accidental pictures are sometimes the best.


I understand your portrait is a considerable investment. If you would like me to come and take some photographs  for you I am very happy to do that.